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Saturday, November 21, 2015

ModSquad Challenge 11/18/15

This week on Mod Squad Challenge Blog http://modsquadchallenge.blogspot.com/ we were asked to make our own background paper using stamps. 
  Today I went into my craft room to do some much needed cleaning and I spotted a flower just sitting there all on its own.  Wham…I had an idea.  Not any idea but a fantastic idea. The kind you can’t put off while you clean or you might forget it.

   My idea was to use the flower for this week’s challenge.  First I made my stamped background.  I couldn’t believe it.  First try and I loved it.  It was as close to perfect as humanly possible.  The neighbor’s probably felt the vibrations from me doing my happy dance.  Next I fussy cut the flower…so far so good. Then I made the greeting and the brackets for hanging it.  The brackets looked a little too thin so I made a second set and glued them together.  Have you ever tried to glue a tiny thin cutout to a piece of tiny cutout card stock? It’s really hard (but helped)….so I thought, why not do the same to the greeting.  Wham…another idea….glue the backing to the thin paper before you cut it out. (Sure wish I had thought of that when I did the brackets.)  Fast forward….Everything is done and ready to be glued down.  I started at the top intending to work my way down.  I glued down my greeting and of course it wasn’t in the center.  I tried very carefully to remove it but it tore my beautiful background paper.  Since I wasn’t about to start over I did my best to conceal it.  I wet the paper so the ink would run a little and stamped a few new dots in the area.  My background is no longer (almost) perfect but I still had fun and think it’s lovely.  Oh….and the craft room…still needs cleaning.  TFL


  1. Beautiful scalloped card design and card, hugs, Lori m

  2. BEST post ever! lol Love the card and the story and step by step tutorial! This is beautiful! We can have so much fun in our craft rooms (and nobody knows!) Merry Merry!

  3. Oh, Joan, your commentary just made me giggle. You are so funny!!! Loved your blow-by-blow description...haha. And I'm so proud of you for stamping a background, I know how you don't like to stamp. But it turned out beautifully!! Also beautiful is your gorgeous flower. And I would not have thought to glue the two papers together first, either!! Great take on the challenge! Thank you so much for participating this week at the Mod Squad Challenge

  4. I love the story behind your creation. Man, I can sure relate to what you went through, sans the perfect background. (I'll let you know if I ever experience that lol). It's stunning my friend. So glad you went with it rather than cleaning (hives) :D Keep 'em coming!