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Thursday, June 11, 2015

MSCB Card with a tag on it 6/10/15

There are really only two things I don’t like to do in card making; use an inked stamp and make a tag.  Yesterday's challenge  at Mod Squad Challenge Blog http://modsquadchallenge.blogspot.com/ 
was to make a card with a tag on it.  Ick……but then again aren’t challenges meant to challenge.  So I make a tag, a very nice tag as a matter of fact.  Then I stamp on it….so far so good.  Then I get a big spot of yellow ink on the side.  Not good!  I must have had ink on my hand.  The general rule in card making is when you goof up cover it up.  So I added a bow and I’m thinking, hey, this isn’t so bad, I can finish it and submit it.  Then I took a picture because I see things more clearly on a picture and low & behold I have the stem way off.  Ugg……back to the drawing board…... (hmmmm wonder if I can add a second stem some way). Nope, I tried but it made it worse.  Sooo...here is my second attempt at a card with a tag.  TFL


  1. So sorry that you had trouble with your card. I do like the thanks on the side of the tag. Great idea! Glad that you took the challenge and did something that you don't like to do. Remember it is a random winner. Thanks for joining us at the Mod Squad this week,

  2. Well it turned out great in the end:-) Love the colors. Thank you so much for participating this week at the Mod Squad Challenge

  3. I actually did some adjusting on this card. I took off the bow and ran the twine through a button. I like it much better now. In fact, I might have to make another tag card :-)

  4. OMG! How can you say ick....I'm not sure we can be friends anymore LOL Just Kidding! Oh, I add accents all the time to hide this and that, mostly ink smudges. I like your card and tag greatly! Glad to read the above ^^^ comment! I hope you do another one too just for the shear pleasure! Have a happy day!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. INK is not my friend! I've never had good luck with it. And when I get an ink smudge it's ALWAYS after I have it mostly done. Give me a digi stamp any day. Oh...and I'm glad we can still be friends :-)