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I am retired and loving it. I have a wonderful husband of 54 years. We have 3 awesome children, 7 fabulous grandchildren and 8 incredibly precious great-grandchildren. I enjoy reading, walking, biking, card making, jewelry making, stitching and quilling. My winters in Minnesota are spent mostly indoors while in the summer my husband and I spend quality time on our Harley enjoying the beautiful scenery in our area. I hate to cook, love anything sweet and have mixed feelings about exercising.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Nobody's perfect

It took me 3 tries to get this gate fold card right.  The frosting coloring on the cupcake of my first card was terrible.  I tried to mask my mess with a cut out top but then it looked like a mushroom.  My second image was better but unfortunately I had some misspelled words on the inside. I'm not going to look to closely at my 3rd card.  I need to get it in the mail, if there are mistakes so be it.


  1. Well 3rd time's the charm, this one looks beautifully perfect! It is so adorable!!! Well done!

    1. Actually Donna, I changed it one more time. I made the frosting a chocolate color. Today it's going in the mail before I do something else to it.

    2. also, did you know there was no such word as grama or gramma except for a grass in Africa? I'm making up a new word. "Gramma" If there can be a grampa there can be a gramma :-) and I'm it.